5 Easy Steps of Blogger Outreach

5 Easy Steps of Blogger Outreach

Blogger Outreach has become the growing trend amongst upcoming and established brands in promoting their brand value. It provides an opportunity for both the advertisers and brands to gain benefits. You can see more basic things about Blogger Outreach in Blogger Outreach & Growing Demand.

We have classified the entire process of Blogger Outreach into 5 stages to make it easily understandable. Different levels involved in creating a successful outreach campaign to drive conversions are listed below.

  • Find Target Audience
  • Discover Bloggers of your niche
  • Contact Them
  • Establish Rapport
  • Make your Content Ready


1. Know your Target Audience

To create awareness among the people, first of all, you should find the sections that are related to your field. Publishing your brand to all sorts of audiences does not draw substantial returns on your investments. There is no use in reaching to the people who follow technical blogs with the content related to fashion or other irrelevant topics.

This may drive few conversions but the volume will be considerably low compared to the campaigns made to relevant audiences of your niche. The beauty of Blogger Outreach lies in reaching to the audiences who can bring quality conversions to your brand. So, do required groundwork in filtering the people who you want to reach.

2. Finding Bloggers of Your Niche

Once you have identified the target audience, it’s time to focus on scrutinizing the bloggers. This is a crucial stage in outreaching because the blogger who promotes your brand should have a trusted social network relevant to your industry. This process can be a bit tricky and time-consuming as well. In addition to this, it requires skilled outreach researchers to collect the information of top-tier engaging bloggers. Make sure the blogs you are going to advertise, possess good metrics of Domain Authority, Page rank, Pageviews, Alexa Rank etc.

3. Reaching Out To Bloggers

This is very crucial and difficult task as getting the response from the bloggers is not that easy. Making an influencer see your email itself is the toughest job to do as most of the bloggers uses several filters to move unwanted emails to spam. Your mail has to be prepared in a unique and distinguished manner so that it stands out from others and makes the blogger read and respond back.

4. Establish relationship with them

Contact the bloggers and let them know your intentions in outreaching them and why you are interested in them. Before contacting the bloggers personally, visit their sites and share their work on social media platforms. This makes them feel your approach genuine and strengthens your rapport when you contact them later. Make them feel that you are willing to build long-term relation with them.

5. Content to be Posted

The blog posts or guest posts you are going to publish on the blogger sites have to be prepared in such a way that it attracts larger audiences. If you are capable of presenting such content, you can prepare content on own your. Otherwise, you can hire some content writers or make the bloggers write themselves for you.

All Set to Drive Conversions

Once you have completed all these processes successfully, you are ready to drive considerable traffic, generate leads and back links to your site by reaching to the audiences you have imagined never before. Blogger Outreach requires great effort in researching the market and contacting bloggers which are the toughest things to do if you are an upcoming brand. Approaching an agency can come handy in these circumstances. ReachFlare processes all these ground works for you and saves a lot of time and effort.

If you’d like to know more information about blogger outreach and how it can generate positive ROI, feel free to Contact Us.

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