Blogger Outreach & Growing Demand

Blogger Outreach & Growing Demand

Before knowing about Blogger Outreach you need to understand what does a blogger do and how can a blogger plays an instrumental role in creating brand value to your business.

Bloggers are a sect of people who share their experiences, opinions, and observations through their sites. A blogger can directly impact your product purchases by promoting your brand/product in his/her own circle of followers. So, they can be treated as highly trusted sources of brand promotion.

Blogger Outreach involves working with bloggers of your business niche; create genuine and authentic content to promote your brand/ product/ service. Let’s see how this outreach marketing strategy can influence the audiences to make your brand grow.

What is Blogger Outreach?

Definition: Blogger outreach can be defined as the process of reaching to the bloggers of your niche and making them speak about your brand/product through their social platforms, which in turn creates awareness and trust in the minds of people.

Different strategies like sampling campaigns, in-person live events, virtual events such as Twitter chats, ambassador programs, and few others are implemented in blogger outreach. This is the best strategy for both upcoming and established brands to hike their brand value exponentially. It is the strongest form of advertiser campaigning which brings word-of-mouth promotion to your brand.

Marketing your product through blogger outreach is an innovative and smart strategy adopted by the advertisers these days. But reaching the right bloggers is not an easy job to do. Finding the bloggers and convincing them to write for you or making them post your content on their sites is a practice mastered by very few.

10 Reasons Why you should do Blogger Outreach

  • Blogs are found to be the third-most influential digital resource (31%) when making overall purchases.
  • Blogs are listed as the fifth-most trustworthy source for information on the internet.
  • There are over 181 millions of blogs available on the internet which show that you can find blogs related to all the niches.
  • 70% of online consumers learn about companies for the first time through blog posts.
  • The percentage of blog readers trusting the information and advice they get from bloggers is 81%.
  • 61% of global Internet users do their product research online before purchasing a product.
  • A survey from Burst Media revealed that 65.5% of blog readers say brand mentions or promotions within blog content influence their purchasing decisions.
  • 61% of online purchasers are reported of making purchases referred by the bloggers they follow.
  • According to Technorati, 31% of Online shoppers are influenced by blogs they follow regularly and only 56% are influenced directly by retail websites.
  • Another survey from BlogHer showed that 70% of online consumers learn about the brands through blogs posts but not ads.

These are few basic things and evidence showing why blogger outreach is way ahead of the conventional advertising. The out-of-the-box marketing strategies used in Blogger Outreach can increase visibility to your business to a great extent. The different stages involved in Blogger Outreach are listed in 5 Easy Steps of Blogger Outreach.

If you are a small business organization, it’s best to contact an agency like ReachFlare to take care of your outreach activities. ReachFlare shows you several outreach marketing strategies to ensure your brand reaches to wider online audiences through its expertise and well-researched analytics.

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