Growing Buzz for Branded Content over Banner Ads

It is a known fact that Banner Ads have been the primary source of advertising on the internet so far. But its efficacy in generating ROI has been declining considerably due to certain technological advancements. More and more netizens are using ad blockers in their browser extensions and with increasing ad blocking users.

Millions of users have been adopting some sort of ad blocking software in their phones and desktops. All these scenarios created a stir in the digital world and ultimately led to the transition in online advertising which made the content marketers come up with a new advertising strategy called “Branded Content”.

Here you can find the stats indicating the growing popularity of Branded content and how Branded content yields better results over Banner Ads.

Usage Report

Not only advertisers suffer from ad blockers but also banner blindness. The latest report generated by info links (a global leader in monetizing digital advertising for publishers, brands and agencies), states that 86% of consumers suffer from banner blindness. The publishers and advertisers have to rethink of banner ads. It also stated that only 14% respondents recalled on the display ad they have promoted.

In general, it is known that half of the users never click on online ads and less than 5% click on display ads or banner ads. So, it is time to reinvent things to outreach the targeted traffic as banner ads affect the ad revenue.

How Branded Content works?

Thanks to the ad blockers and banner blindness since brands have found a new way to reach their audience with branded content or quality content. Brands promote their product or service related content on themed blogs that have substantial following. Once the outreach process is completed with Publisher agreeing to publish the content, brands offer content that is to be published.

Pros of Branded Content

This method has a lot of advantage over Banner ads or Display ads because it lasts as long as the blog exists.

  • Since the content that the brand provides is related to the publisher’s theme it can assure updated posts every now and then.
  • This can establish a long lasting relationship between the brands and the prospects.
  • They can mutually share their content which is an added advantage for both publisher and the advertiser.


Internet – Mobile vs Desktop

A new marketing word “blogger outreach” has been buzzing around in the internet world for the past couple of years that has overshadowed banner ads. Advancement in technology has introduced ad blocking software in mobiles and so reaching out to people through branded content is the safest way to increase brands awareness. The era of desktops has been slowly going to the shelf as mobiles and tablet users are increasing day by day.

Now-a-days people prefer to use their phones to read news, articles or to know something that benefits them. So, it is suggested to make blogs or content that is accessible and can be read in mobiles. By doing so you can even target the traffic that you missed out earlier, get more customers and the conversion rate will shoot up.

On the whole, make your content reliable, accessible and adaptable to both mobile and desktop users and focus on quality content and sponsored posts that drive more revenue for years, unlike the regular ad revenues.

Here at ReachFlare, we help brands to engage with relevant publishers and we educate prospects on branded content and sponsored posts and the advantages that come from branded content. You just need to sign up and our team makes it easy for you.

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