Influencer Marketing: Stats & Facts You need to know

Influencer Marketing: Stats & Facts You need to know

Are you wondering what Influencer Marketing is all about and how can one use it to grow the business reach?

You have landed at the right place to find all the solutions to your queries. The core concept of Influencer Marketing is identifying the audience who are relevant to your field and reaching to them through the influencers so that they can get attracted towards your brand or product. An influencer generates word of mouth marketing to your product far more effectively than conventional advertising.

Facts about Conventional Advertising

There is a growing skepticism in people that advertising is all about boasting exaggerated things about a product to create belief in customers’ mind. The marketers are turning towards individuals whose words are trusted by the people. Under these circumstances, Social Media Influencers come as a first choice who are changing the theme of conventional advertising rapidly.

Influencer Marketing Emerges as a Solution

More and more businesses are promoting their brands through influencers. This is because they understood the value of trust developed by the influencers with their followers. Here the key aspect is utilizing trust factor carefully without letting down the customers’ trust. Once the bond-of-assurance between Influencer and followers is broken, the influencer post holds no more weight than a branded advertisement.

Influencer Marketing is all about identifying the influencers of your niche and making them work for you by promoting your brand. Here the emphasis is laid on reaching to the people from whom you can get maximum conversions rather than targeting market as a whole. Another main thing is identifying the individuals who have influence over potential buyers.

Instead of reaching to millions of people from whom you can generate few returns, reach that section of people who are more likely to get connected with you. The quality is considered more important than the quantity in reaching the people.

Stats in favor of Influencer Marketing

  • 90% of consumers and readers trust the recommendation of peers.
  • 51% of marketers believe they get better customers from influencer marketing.
  • 35% of social media professionals polled in Q2 2015 considered their use of influencer marketing to be at a mature stage.
  • Augure’s study revealed that 61% of US marketers and 20% of Europe respondents planned to increase influencer marketing budgets in 2015.


How Influencer Marketing Creates Awareness to your Brand?

The best thing in doing influencer marketing is that your brand promotion does not appear like a normal Advertisement. The people who are going to promote your brand are adept at engaging audiences with their content. The influencers talk about you by adding content about your product/brand on their social media platforms. Your brand and its features are made to reach their followers in a more convincing manner which grants you assured backlinks.

It is essential to know where to invest your money in advertising rather than investing on some random platform. The problem with traditional advertising is that you need to reach to the people belonging to all fields and many of them are not relevant to your brand. This is where influencer marketing comes to your rescue by reducing the amount to be invested in advertising to a great extent.

Once it was not so easy to reach the influencers and make them promote your brand/product. With the advent of different outreach agencies like ReachFlare, it has become quite simple for the brands to find the engaging writers who can influence their followers towards your brand.

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